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SpaDunya Dubai CEO - Shahida H. Siddique

Shahida H. Siddique
A business background and an MBA in marketing and consumer behavior Shahida acquired sound experience in the commercialization of health related services and products. In fact it was when she was in this field she developed a strong interest in well being and preventative care. Her business career in Dubai started in the trading sector when she distributed natural and organic rare brands to the Middle East market.  In November 2007 she created Spadunya in Bellegarde France  to produce the 104 SKU's of the already existing Altearah range. In March 2009 the first spa The Spadunya Club in Dubai was launched which incorporated the entire concept of wellness through aromas and colour.

Today Spadunya's CEO spends her time between her production, sales, marketing and management teams in France and her spa team in Dubai. She is also the international ambassador of her brands and a strong proponent of Safe Cosmetics. For many years now, Shahida has been actively supporting education, health and womens empowerment  in under developed countries and is incorporating CSR activities within her companies. Spadunya contributes to the livelihood of holistically challenged men and women in France through providing supervised employment in its packaging process. Recycling, Carbon Footprint, Fair Trade, Respecting Humans and Animals are all part of Spadunya and its activities.