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The Colour Experience
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The Colour Experience Spa

For several years now, Altearah Bio the 14 colour, certified organic and efficacious spa range has been produced by Spadunya in a 200 year old farmhouse in the heart of rural organic farmlands in the Gard district of France. Using a synergy of essential oils the range is extremely intelligent and innovative. Combining principles of aromatherapy and chromotherapy in its composition and using acupressure points, olfactory and massage in its delivery systems the company has created its own futuristic spa concept called The SPADUNYA COLOUR EXPERIENCE.

The idea came naturally to widen the action and beneficial effects of the 14 Altearah Bio colours in the heart of a wellbeing center, providing customised solutions to its customers. The Spadunya Colour Experience is a whole and complete concept for urban, hotel and resort spas with design, products, protocols and training. We have a complimentary Fitness program called FITNESS@SPADUNYA which incorporates exercises, nutrition and slimmimng programs. We created 14 pieces of COLOUR MUSIC special to our massages and have created COLOUR DANCE for wellbeing. The cherry on this cake is a whole new genre of massages called the COLOUR ENERGY MASSAGES which we are creating with Renato of Biopulse Massage School Paris/Avignon. Through our Colour Experience Academie in France with trainers in Europe, USA and MENASA we are spreading the goodness of COLOUR.

Our flagship spa is called Spadunya Club and is located in a private garden quadrangle in Shams One Plaza level at JBR Dubai. This is a ladies spa club incorporating face, body and beauty treatments and a fitness studio delivering exercise classes and personal training. We have a group of consultants who create customised treatment packages for our spa guests.

Colour Consultation

Every Treatment incorporates a consultation which guides us in customizing the treatment for each client. The Altearah Bio Colour Test in a part of this consultation.

The Spa


Enter the world of holistic treatments where each client is taken on a journey from the inside out. Research has proven that each and every cell in our body reverberates at a certain frequency relevant to its function. These cells also carry memories of our injury or discordant vibrations. Harmonic vibrations produced by colour, light and music can only lead to health and enhanced senses leading to optimum efficiency of the body.

Perfumes and inhalations have been used since ancient times by different cultures for health. At SpaDunya we use energetic organic perfumes and oils which create harmonic vibrations and leads to optimum efficiency of the five senses and consequently the mind body and soul.


Spadunya is an exclusive urban spa for ladies offering the following:

Spa Treatments

Exclusively designed face and body treatments based on colour, light and sound. Our carefully selected spa therapists having international accreditations bring with them professional experience and knowledge in different treatment modalities. Click here to see our treatments.

Beauty Lounge

When you are refreshed, relaxed and harmonized we want you to go back and enjoy being you in your world. Get your hair, nails and makeup done by our stylists and technicians. Click here to see our beauty treatments.

Lifestyle Management

Starting with a colour evaluation, our diversified consultants will create the specific programs for our guests.

Seminars and Workshops

We organize regular workshops which will empower you with the latest in the field of holistic health and prevention of imbalances in the mind, body and soul. Click here to sign up and we will let you know when the next seminar is up!