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Understanding Colour
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Understanding Colour

Royal Purple

"I am tired, exhausted and in need to recharge my batteries. I wake up dreaming of a little warmth on my convalescing body. ROYAL PURPLE, I hear you. Your embrace me. Suddenly, I fly away...in the tropical forests, bare-footed on the soil, just like roots, I sense your energy filling my body. Smiling again, I really feel energized!"



"Forgetting about the alarm clock and going back to dreamland, away from the daily routine that already overwhelms me. Lying down lethargically, I look in vain for that impetus that will push me forward...RED, I feel your energy which nourishes me and carries me in its wake ... here I am, up enthusiastically, RED gives me control on all levels!"



"Dispersed by the winds of my paradoxical desires, my thoughts stiffen up my body and my stomach stresses out. I remain absent, ignoring their calls, as I have drowned my senses in a flood of frustrations. ORANGE, your fruity softness brushes against my skin, which shivers with delight. I come round and I crave some intimacy and sensuality. I want to create; my stomach relaxes and my body loosens. I stretch, I am present and blooming."



"In a period of changes, I lose my bearings. Who am I? I need a break to find myself. GOLD, I walk bare foot on the desert sand. Like the sun shining over the mountains, your warmth expands my horizon. I regain confidence and shine."



"I need sun and light. My body weakens and I shiver, stiffened up by sad thoughts. I need to dance in the sun and to laugh, free as a child. YELLOW, you enchant my senses. I move, dynamic and happy, without fear of judgment"



"Burdened by too much stress and duties in the city, I am dreaming of a walk in the open air. A soft breeze caresses my hair and tender leaves delight my eyes, which long for nature. GREEN, you pacify me, your freshness gives me hope; my life becomes lighter."



"Listening, advising, healing...! have given a lot and my heart closed up. I need air! EMERALD, you nourish me. I breathe and open my heart again, with confidence and welcome. In this introverted break, I get back in touch with my inner self. I now have more space and can even share it!"



"Words spin around in my head, in infinite lists, obstinate and overwhelming. Rest runs away from me. I get annoyed. TURQUOISE, your ocean of serenity calms me down. My thoughts fly, as light as butterflies, I feel Zen."



"I stand lonely and I am tired of being strong; I look in vain for arms to hold me, for a tender voice to whisper in my ear...PINK, like a soft song, you know the words that I need to hear. You hold my hand and you comfort me. I will probably eat less chocolate tonight!"



"Words imprisoned in conventional thoughts, my voice fades and silence fearfully weighs on me. BLUE, you run down my throat as honey. You set me free and slide deep down my tummy, paving the way to the expression of my profound nature. Words come back, clear and fair. What an eloquent fluidity."



"My thoughts are confused, I need inspiration. INDIGO, you open my mind to infinity. Your fresh breeze calms me down and urges me to look inside. I finally gain a broader, clearer and intuitive vision. I see, I perceive, I know."




"Against a backdrop of a modern, complex and technological life, I am dreaming of going back to the essence, searching deep inside for my fundamental values, to find the meaning of my life. PURPLE, you take me back to my childhood, to the simple facts, you help me fine tune myself with calm and detachment."



"While shopping in town on a Saturday afternoon, I am overwhelmed by the crowds, as body and souls merge. Odors and presences trail me in a suffocating twirl. WHITE, dose of purity, you free my captive senses. I feel your immaculate transparency and I wash off any pollution."



"You screamed so loud that I am still shivering. SILVER for you, your skin and your body that ached SILVER for me who was so terrified SILVER to calm down, mend and protect."