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effects of colour on the human mind and body
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Effects of Colour

 What are the effects of colour on the human mind and body

“The Universe is filled with color”---Sir Isaac Newton”.

We owe our understanding of the properties of light and colour to the famous physicist Sir Isaac Newton. However colour as therapy is as old as the sun itself. It is called ‘Gods oldest medicine’ since the effect of the sun’s rays have been felt forever by all living creatures - man, animal and plant. Since ancient times the power of the sun was harnessed for its healing properties. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks bounced lights off prisms to focus colour onto parts of the body and direct it into healing chambers and consequently healed the body.

Today thanks to Newton and other scientists we have been able to break down each colour into vibration, wavelength and energy and we are developing the knowledge to use light and colour in allopathic, homeopathic and cosmetic form.The current practice of medicine is based upon the Newtonian viewpoint which sees the world and its inhabitants as intricate mechanisms or glorified machines which can be altered with chemicals or by altering its form by surgeries. However there is a new viewpoint which looks at the human body as an expression of energy - as a network of complex energy fields which interface with the cellular systems. Specialized forms of energy such as colour energy can interact with cellular energy and can regulate or harmonize cellular physiology and create healing processes.

Light, cosmic forces, vibrations  or energy enters the earths atmosphere initially as gamma rays which oscillate at a particular speed and vibrates at a particular rate. As these vibrations slow down they become X-rays, again with their particular patterns of movement and vibrations. As these rays slow down even more they become ultraviolet light from which emanates pure white light which breaks down into the numerous colours of the spectrum. These waves of energy break down further to become infrared rays, microwave, radar, short wave, radio and Tv.

All substances and materials oscillate at different energy levels as does each and every cell in our body. When there is harmony in the environment and within our own particular universe our body and mind there is ease as opposed to dis-ease. Instead of being a cacophany of vibrations or dis-ease we must strive for harmony or a symphony of vibrations. The Chinese philosophy holds that the material world that we see is just the tip of the iceburg of what life is all about. Energy or qi is paramount and moving stagnant or dis-eased energy through acupuncture or exposure to colour, light or sound is critical to the holistic health of people.

“in every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy”  Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1960)

What is colour therapy
Traditionally colour was perceived as belonging to the coloured surfaces or the effects or impressions we receive from the colours of nature, how it made us feel when we looked at it. Then we got lost in the effect and started using the colours  to make us feel different within that realm of understanding. However therapy is a latin word thera or healing and pe or myself.

The only way we can truly benefit from colour therapy is when we truly “experience color “ and feel the effect each color has on our mind, body and spirit. A field of Green has a certain vibration but with an addition of Orange in it will feel totally different or a dash or Blue will lead to a totally different experience. It is important not to be prescriptive in a session of colour therapy. the client should find their own healing through a selection of colours. A Colour therapist can guide the client but it is true therapy only when the client can combine colours that make them feel a different harmonizing energy and consequently colours are empowering us to heal ourselves.

How do you identify a depletion of a certain colour/energy
The human psyche is amazing. By our choice of food which we assimilate and use in our body, by the energy we expend and absorb into our body by eurythmic movements of our body and by the use of impulses and thoughts we are constantly harmonizing ourselves. So simply put our own psyche selects or excludes what we do not need for our well being. Our dislike or ‘allergy’ to for instance dairy products is our own body telling us to avoid the use of that particular food in our diet. Colour psychology and physiology tell us what we need and do not need. There are different psychological tests that highlight a depletion of a certain colour or vibration and the use of  a combination of different colours that can create a harmonizing or health giving “colour experience” which is very relevant to that particular individual with his/her own particular set of vibrations. Each person has a different set of vibrations that are his or her own like the blueprint or fingerprint or ocular print which is why we cannot be prescriptive in colour therapy. That is our biggest challenge. We humans are all so used to be told by medical specialists what we need to heal us that our bodies over time has lost the ability to perceive the energy of our own body.

“There will come a time when a diseased condition of the soul life will not be described as it is today by the psychologists, but it will be spoken in musical terms, as one would speak, for instance of a piano that was out of tune”
Rudolph Steiner

How to rectify colour deficiencies
By experiencing colour and a combination of colours in the mind, body and in the spirit. The use of particular energies helps to harmonize at a holistic level.  With the Altearah Bio range, we recommend a 21 one day treatment to see a shift. This can work effectively at a certain level.

What to ask/remember at your colour therapy appointment
Each treatment begins with a personal colour consultation – it is important to be spontaneous when you are asked to choose 4 colours. This choice of colours tells you what your body needs to be in harmony and your therapist/consultant will explain what each means for you. Ask more questions if you need further details about each colour. Ask for our recommendation for treatments/massages, using your colours, are available to enhance your well being journey. Remember your colours and choose the products based on what’s easy to use with your lifestyle. Use the colours as recommended to get the full benefits of Colour Therapy.