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Living Our Own Reality
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Living Our Own Reality

Humans are interesting beings. Once we are comfortable within the spaces we occupy whether its a physical space or an emotional space or even  information or knowledge based spaces in the mind, we simply don't want change.  Change represents a shift and who wants to do it.  Safety is one of our basic needs and we feel safe not to challenge the status quo.

Ideas that are conventional become inert and stagnant. Not being dynamic ideas need a very strong impulse, evolution or a revolution to create change. The knowledge we have acquired  in the last century including scientific knowledge with all its excitement and gusto has sadly become quite tortured by inflexibility and dogmas.  Society has adopted an inflexible approach to protect knowledge as they know it, largely due to vested interest.  There is also thanks to the world wide web,  an information overload  and most of us are just grappling under the struggle to acquire knowledge and experience of others.. Our schooling system "imparts" this acquired knowledge but then what can we do with it? Can it make a difference to my life and yours? Can we assimilate this knowledge and build on it maybe even go back and away from it. This flow or movement of knowledge from our innate senses to our present day reality  is talent. Using  your talents, using acquired knowledge and looking at things differently is what is innovation and creativity.  This process may make us break down information to the lowest common denominator. However can we allow ourselves the luxury of restarting from square one?  Can we conquer fear - the fear of not knowing.

The results of knowledge as we know it and work to acquire it is creating a holistic imbalance in many of us especially the creative  ones - " the crazy ones".  They have a "dis-ease"  or disturbance in their psyche. They realize that science and knowledge of today can't answer all their questions.  They believe that  people need something different. They tap into all their resources and energy to show us a different  reality. Sometimes we "buy" into their ideas while other times we do not.  When we do not its because we need to assimilate these ideas which are abstract for us. We also feel under threat by change.  The difference in "buying" when we understand and ingest this information and when we are "not buying" is in the process of assimilation.  We assimilate using energy,  minerals and  natural resources. We assimilate when playing with nature. It is when we assimilate that  we can say Eureka, I know it!

So as a corollary  we can say when we connect to nature we affect change. One of the  resources we have available to us is  the abstract, untouchable, unprovable but very concrete element of energy residing within us, all living beings and in the universe. Energy is boundless and consequently  underutilized and untapped and thankfully readily and freely available.  What in the world is free? All our natural resources have been made available to us but at a price determined by larger beings and organizations.  They create fears of diminished resources again to price it for their own advantage. They create demand by controlling or reducing supply simply for economic gain.  Let us be reassured that there is enough of resources at our disposal.

So what about energy. What is it? How can we use it to our advantage? Can we store it for later use?  What can it do? What is the science behind it? Is tapping into Energy an art to be cultivated or a science waiting to be discovered and proven though evidence based researches the only  way that our pragmatic mind believes. . Yet we have so much evidence of energy and a different reality, a reality which we feel and see with our senses.  Look at the daily, reliable and unexplainable rise of the morning sun bringing its hues of colours.  Look at the reliability of the winds and the ocean currents.  How can it get better than this. Such generous evidence of unexplained and boundless energy!