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My Mission And Vision for Wellness
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My Mission & Vision for Wellness

ALTEARAH BIO - SPADUNYA – My Mission And Vision for Wellness.

By Shahida Sidddique

Having worked in the marketing of Health care facilities and noticing the direction this profession was heading I embarked on my own vision of healthcare. It wasn’t going to be awareness of the possibilities of different illnesses I could prevent but the boundless possibilities of holistic wellness I could achieve.  In this process I started thinking positively and with Gratitude and became the driver in my own wellness journey. I set up my “wellness cupboard” and embarked on “wellness journeys” until one day I discovered ALTEARAH BIO.  Every thing fell into place with the amazing concept of this organic and efficacious product range.

Altearah Bio is not just an organic brand. It understands and counteracts the 14 different moods represented by a COLOR that can adversely impact our well being. The lack of a color creates disharmony and dis-ease. The addition of the color causes wellness at that point whereas continuous play with different colors over time leads to long term holistic well being.

Finding success with Altearah each year over the last eight years and seeing the spread of well being through Altearah Bio  in 24 different countries, with final clients being in many more countries around the world, I feel really lucky to be the driver of this wellness journey for millions of people.

In 2012 Altearah Bio won the Innovation Award in Nouvelles Aesthetique in Paris for its innovative approach to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.

Spadunya Laboratory is located in a 200 year old farmhouse in Bellegarde, in the South of France, the heart of organic agricultural lands which supply organic ingredients for the food and fragrance market.  The proximity to the purity and simplicity of organic living and work ethics gives the authenticity to Altearah which it wouldn’t have got if it was located in the French Riviera or Provence as promoted by the tourism industry. Bellegarde is a small town surrounded by agricultural lands growing grapes, roses, rice and sunflowers and where Lavender and Oleanders abound. The air is pure, the soil is nourished and fertile, people are pure and Altearah reflects all the surrounding simplicity and purity.

The laboratory was created in 2011 and follows Best Manufacturing Practices.  All the cosmetic industry requirements are met and efficiencies are created to cater to the ever rising demand.  Besides our full time team we provide employment to 15 special needs personnel in our packaging unit. This initiative is very unusual in our industry but due to the management and training we impart the packing is almost always perfect. Our ‘special’ team work with dedication for us and we respect and appreciate them and compensate adequately. Our intention is to continue to provide equal opportunity to Special needs people and foster this partnership as we grow. 

Our interest in our stake holders cross over to other living creatures, we are certified by One Voice and are totally committed to be against animal testing and animal ingredients in cosmetics. I am committed to Safe Cosmetics and work towards educating consumers on unsafe ingredients. Of course Altearah Bio being certified 100 % organic is totally safe to use, however we educate our consumers also on plant allergens and the safe use of essential oils.

All our partners and stakeholders hold the same ethic as we do. They work with fair Trade agreements and give back to the local farmers. Our Packaging materials are also recycled and recyclable. Our carbon footprint is probably high since we export from France to countries across the globe but we are looking at alternative shipping carriers.

My own interest in Social responsibility has spanned many decades. Before I started business with Altearah Bio I was involved in social development in the education and healthcare areas through an organization I set up called Saharay. My special interest has always been in providing employment to and creating leaders in women. I actively worked towards donating to and fund raising for five schools in Pakistan educating over 5000 boys and girls. I donated and raised funds for the construction of 300 homes of earthquake victims in Northern Pakistan and ensured the setting up of and continuity of a women’s technical training school. 

Another interest that I have is in working with Autistic and Special needs children and bringing mental and physical wellness in their lives.

In 2009 I created Spadunya Club a luxury day spa in Dubai to bring organic wellness to the fashionable women of Dubai. In 2013 Spadunya Club won the Best Luxury Day spa in UAE award which was an amazing feat for this young spa.

The journey towards mind, body and spirit wellness continues for myself, my company’s stakeholders and all the people whose lives I touch through Altearah Bio and Spadunya. I am delighted to see that globally the spa industry has found its niche in holistic wellness. The days of pampering and cucumber slices on the eyes are over. We have officially entered the age of Wellbeing.