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Bath Salts - Altearah Bio UAE
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Eaux de Parfum Face and Body Oils Serums Scrubs Bath Salts Fragrance Set 14 Eaux de Parfum Set 14 Serums 15ML
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Bath Salts

Bath Salts - Altearah Bio UAE

Altearah Bio Bath Salts are comprised of Himalayan salts mixed with essential oil synergies.  Soak up to three times a week in our salts and experience  a quantum osmotic effect.  Feet can be soaked every night in our salt and hot water to relax feet from the effects of the day.  Choose from 14 colours.

Available in 14 Colours

Royal Purple, Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Green, Emerald, Turquoise, Pink, Blue, Indigo, Purple, White and Silver

Weight: 900 Grams

158 AED

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