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Wellness Care - Hammam & Body Therapy

SpaDunyas Wellness Body Care are a collection of deeply beneficial therapies with a variety to meet the needs of each guest. Beginning with a private therapist colour consultation in order to determine each individual's current state of well-being, the treatments are then tailored to each guest in order to leave the body, mind and soul in perfect harmony.

To have long-lasting effects, series of treatments are recommended.

Color Harmonizing Wellness Therapy

60 minutes - AED 414 | 90 minutes - AED 558

Our signature therapy offers a dynamic experience using Organic Altearah Bio Oils, Perfumes & Serums. Your mood and energies will be transformed by relieving stressed muscles and generally soothing your body, mind and spirit. 

Color Harmonizing Holistic Experience

90 minutes | AED 585

Enhance your wellbeing with this wonderful signature therapy using Organic Altearah Bio Oils & Serums. Gentle pressure along with essential oils is applied on reflex points, improving blood circulation, leaving you with a glowing complexion and relaxed body. For best results, 5 sessions are recommended. Your mood and energies will be transformed by relieving stressed muscles and generally soothing your body, mind and spirit. 

Emerald Heart Beat

90 minutes | AED 585

Emerald therapy is a creation of RENATO of BIOPULSE Paris especially designed for SPADUNYA. The Emerald therapy is designed to open your heart chakra to allow you to simply breathe easy. If Oxygen enters your lungs with the energy of Emerald each and every cell in your body disentangles from toxins and works efficiently resulting in a nourished mind, body and spirit.

Ruby Red Vitality

90 minutes | AED 585

Enhancing your appetite for life, this treatment improves circulation. Ruby Red brings forth vitality and puts the mind, body and spirit in an active mode.

Power of 7

90 minutes AED 585

Choose 7 colours from Altearah Bio 14 colour fan and benefit from an intense customized harmonizing therapy.

Meso body care

60 Minutes | AED 414

Natural Meso treatment for cellulite.

Orange Gloombuster

90 minutes | AED 585

The Gloom Buster is a series of 3 wellness sessions using Orange, Gold and Green which creates a quick and effective energy shift in the mind, body and spirit.Orange oils are good to create happiness, feeling of lightness, bloom and sensuality, Combined with different serums and perfumes, this therapy will leave you feeling completely tension free in the back area while revitalizing, recharging and energizing you. Altearah Bio Perfumes and pure Himalayan Salts will be given for home use to ensure a continuation of the wellness journey.

Color Belly Reflexology

60 minutes | AED 414

The belly is a key area which is extremely important to lose weight because not only does it manage the digestion and elimination process but also because it records all our emotional memories. The care of abdominal reflexology is very important and should be repeated over several sessions to optimize metabolism and promote the elimination of fat.

Himalayan Salt Rejuvenation Massage

60 minutes | AED 414

This treatment uses Gold Himalayan Bath Salts, the purest and most powerful form of salt on Earth. Starting with our therapeutic Royal Purple oil, followed by gentle scrub using the Gold - Confidence -Salt Pouchettes. You leave feeling rejuvenated and energized with a beautiful glow from within.

Color Body Wrap

60 minutes | AED 414

A deeply relaxing, aromatic heat treatment that rids your body of everyday toxins. An exfoliation with a rich, nutrient scrub is followed by envelopment in a heated blanket as you receive a soothing scalp rub. Emerge with silky smooth skin that glows. Wraps are not recommended during pregnancy or anyone with high blood pressure.

  • Energizing Wrap (Altearah Bio Royal Purple Scrub)
  • Detoxifying/Purifying Wrap (Altearah Bio White Scrub)
  • Slimming Wrap (Altearah Bio Orange Scrub)

Colour Back Therapy

30 minutes | AED 225

This back therapy helps to relieve stress accumulated in your upper body. Muscle relaxing oils and strong pressure will ease the deep tension. (60mins includes back, neck, scalp, shoulders and arms massage.)

Color Back, Shoulder & Scalp

60 minutes | AED 585

This is a signature treatment using Altearah Bio to relieve you of aches and pains – Deep Tissue Care. 

Hot Stone

90 minutes | AED 558

Experience the feel of gliding warmth and smoothness of river stones along with Altearah Bio Oils. Feel your muscles loosen up as the stress, tiredness, tension and aches melt away. 

Glacial Shells Body Cure

30 minutes - AED 150 | 60 minutes - AED 414

Cold Glacial Stone aid the breakdown of fatty tissues, stimulates a sluggish circulation and moves uncomfortable build up in the digestive system

Lymphatic Drainage

60 minutes - AED 414 | 90 minutes - AED 558

A relaxing treatment to improve circulation and the immune system. 

Ultimate Feet Cure

60 minutes - AED 414 | 90 minutes - AED 558

This body care treatment works on the reflexology points on the feet. This method of strengthening the whole inner body functions through stimulation of the pressure points on the feet; resulting in the ultimate relaxation and repair of the whole body through your feet. Red, White and Royal Purple treatments are recommended.

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

30 minutes AED 225

Experience state of the art magnetic resonance stimulation of mind, body and spirit. Can be an add-on to any of your treatments or can be experienced independently.

Hammam Experience

60 minutes - AED 414 | 90 minutes - AED 558

Cleanse your entire body with this ancient Middle Eastern ritual of steam, exfoliation and body care with a fusion of cosmetics and essences. (90mins consists of 45mins Hammam and 45mins body care). Choose from: 

  • Traditional Hammam
  • Detoxifying Hammam
  • Slimming Hammam
  • Energizing Hammam