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What is Colour Therapy
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What is Colour Therapy?

What is Colour Therapy?

Traditionally, colour was perceived as belonging to coloured surfaces as well as the effects or impressions we receive from the colours of nature, that is, how colour makes us feel when we look at it. We then got lost in the effect and started using colours to make us feel different within that realm of understanding. However, therapy is derived from the latin words ‘thera’ meaning healing and ‘pe’ meaning me, thus translating to ‘healing oneself’.

The only way we can truly benefit from colour therapy is when we “experience colour “ and feel the effect that each colour has on our mind, body and soul. A field of green has a certain vibration but with an addition of orange for instance, it will feel totally different. It is important not to be prescriptive in a session of colour therapy. It is imperative that the client should find their own healing through a selection of colours. A Colour therapist can guide the client, but it is only considered ‘true’ therapy when the client can combine colours that make them feel a different harmonizing energy, consequently empowering us to heal ourselves.

How do you identify a depletion of a certain colour/energy?

The human psyche is amazing as it allows us to balance and harmonize ourselves in the way it reacts to our choice of food that we consume, the energy we expend and absorb, our eurythmic movements as well as the use of impulses and thoughts. Simply put, our own psyche selects or excludes what we do not need for our well being. Our dislike or ‘allergy’, for instance, toward dairy products may be our own body telling us to avoid the use of that particular food in our diet. Much the same, colour psychology and physiology also tells us what we need and do not need.

There are different psychological tests that highlight a depletion of a certain colour or vibration. By combining different colours, we can create a harmonizing or health giving “colour experience” that is relevant to a particular individual, pertaining to his/her own particular set of vibrations. Each person has a different set of vibrations that are his/her own, much like a fingerprint or ocular print. This is why we cannot be prescriptive in colour therapy and allow our clients to “experience” their own self-healing. Our biggest challenge as human beings is that we have lost the ability to perceive energy within our own body, perhaps due to over-reliance on conventional medical options.

How to rectify colour deficiencies?

By experiencing colour and colour combinations in the mind, body and soul, we are able to balance particular energies at a holistic level. With the Altearah Bio colour therapy range available at SpaDunya, we recommend a 21-day treatment to see a significant shift within yourself and your journey on the path towards optimal well-being.